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Speak the Truth is a journey through culture with a wise guide. Carmen Fowler LaBerge brings clarity to the current chaos, by bringing all issues back to the one issue: God. I am thankful for her voice in the culture, and pray this book received the wide reading it deserves.
—John Stonestreet, President, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

While I had the privilege of serving in the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years, I am under no illusion that the political process or political systems can solve all the problems our country faces. In Speak the Truth, Carmen LaBerge is calling people of faith to reject fear of engagement and live as God's ambassadors in a world desperately in need of hope and truth.
—Congressman Frank R. Wolf (Ret. 1981-2014)

Speak the Truth is a wake-up call for Christians who have become complacent and fallen asleep in the pew. There is a world in desperate need of the Gospel and Carmen has written a book to both motivate and equip every Christian to bring the Truth into their own spheres of influence.
—Donna VanLiere, New York Times bestselling author & speaker

Carmen LaBerge is a smart leader with years of experience in the trenches of church and culture skirmishes. In this book, Carmen challenges believers to view every person as an image bearer of God and to live each day in light of the redeeming love of Christ. We would all do well to heed that challenge.
—Russell Moore, President ERLC

About The Book

When was the last time God was an active participant in one of your conversations? How does God get into a conversation if His people are sidelined or silent? As ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, it is the Christian’s responsibility to speak the mind of Christ in the context of every cultural conversation, no matter how contentious. If Christians are silent then God is effectively sidelined.

The Christian viewpoint is desperately needed in the cultural conversations of our day but Christians have been effectively muted because they are not equipped to engage and combat the aggressive arrogance of those who actively seek to silence all viewpoints but their own. In Speak the Truth, Carmen LaBerge aims to get Christians off the sidelines and back in the conversation.

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Meet Carmen LaBerge

Carmen LaBerge is a writer, speaker, and host of the daily Christian talk radio show The Reconnect. She is also in her ninth year serving as the President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, a ministry that’s been working to equip Christians for faithful witness for more than 50 years. She seeks to mobilize Christians to get off the sidelines and into the cultural conversations of the day in ways that honor Jesus.

Carmen is a graduate of the University of Florida with an M.Div. from Princeton. She lives near Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and family.

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