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February 20, 2020

Spiritual climate conversations about the whether | Is America really ready for this? | Heath Adamson and The Sacred Chase

What’s the weather like where you live?  How about the spiritual climate?  How might you work a “whether” question into your conversations today?  Whether or not you believe God is and whether or not you live in His grace makes all the difference.

Dr. Peter Kapsner is back to talk with Carmen in their ongoing “50 Shades of Truth” series of conversations. Today’s topics: Dwayne Wade and his son who identifies as a girl and then whether or not America is ready for either a gay married President (Pete Buttigieg) or a man who has been with the same woman for 20 years but they’re not married and she describes their relationship as a unicorn.

In the second half, Carmen talks with author Heath Adamson about his forthcoming book, The Sacred Chase. If you long for an intimate relationship with God but feel like that intimacy is just beyond your reach, this conversation about moving from proximity to intimacy with God is for you!



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