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October 15, 2019

Syria update with Mindy Belz | The Kingdom Unleashed with Glenn Sunshine

World Magazine senior editor, Mindy Belz reports what she’s hearing from contacts on the ground throughout northeastern Syria. Mindy reminds us of the history

of the region and the U.N. safe zone created in 1915 as well as the Armenian and Assyrian genocide when 3.5 million people were killed. The people be run out are largely descendants of those killed a hundred years ago. This is their home and they are committed to remaining as redemptive witness. Mindy reports that 160,000 people have fled the fighting just this week. This is a nation where half the population has been displaced in the past 9 years by civil war. Carmen and Mindy discuss the prospects for where the people go as neighboring nations are weary of welcoming more refugees. Mindy also shares that what Erdogan is similar to Turkey’s incursion in Western Syria where Arab militias now occupy the homes of 167,000 Christians.

In the second half hour, Glenn Sunshine, co-author of “Kingdom Unleashed,” share the extraordinary great and good news of the transforming power of Kingdom movements in the world today.




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