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January 8, 2020

Talking with your kids about horrible headlines | Faith Angle Forum and how the news shapes the stories we tell | Impeachment

How are you talking with your kids about the horrible headlines of the day? Carmen addresses the specific headline of the prospect of war with Iran but the principles she shares applies to stories your kids are exposed to in the news every day. In addition to the commentary in the show, Carmen has shared a post for parents here.

Josh Good is the director of Faith Angle Forum which seeks to help secular journalists understand people of faith and see the faith angle in every story they cover. The stories we tell and how we tell those stories is shaped by the news. So how can people of faith influence how journalists tell the stories that shape the cultural narrative?

Hunter Baker returns to discuss developments in the impeachment storyline and consider some of the big themes we expect to be discussing in 2020 at the intersection of faith and politics. Hunter and Carmen also discuss their expectations for 2020 stories many never thought we’d be considering, like biological men competing in women’s collegiate sports, the retreat by many into a virtual world, and the impact of deep fake videos wherein we see ourselves doing things we know we’ve never done, with people we’ve never met, in places we’ve never been. What conversations around reality and trust must be had in a world where we cannot trust what we see?


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