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September 8, 2020

That lost day | Covid round up | American Academics experience constrictions of cancel culture | Election impact of riots

It’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. At some point today its going to feel like you’ve lost a day. Which you may experience as a relief – but you will just as likely experience it as a disorienting truncation of the time you have to accomplish the tasks associated with Monday – which did not get done because, well, its a lost day. 

Reminds me of Joshua 10:12 which is understood as the longest day or the lost day, depending on your perspective. If you Google it, you’ll find a wildly diverse array of rationalizations, justifications and pure fabrications in an attempt to explain to the satisfaction of the 21st century mind something that God says He did in support of Joshua and his people in the conquest of the Canaanites. God ordered the sun and the moon to stand still – God also sent hail upon the enemies of His people but that’s a story for another day. 

Did God make the sun and the moon pause and if so, how are we even having this conversation?
Literally the ONLY way this works if God is who He says He is – He really is the creator of all things – including the sun and the moon and the stars and everything else – and He is far more able to do things we cannot explain than we ordinarily dare to imagine. 

Let me let you off the hook today. If you’re a Christian, it is NOT your responsibility to alleviate every skeptic in the world of their doubts about God. It is you’re responsibility to give Him the honor and the glory due Him today. You do you and let God be God. 

Today’s conversation partners are Dr. Zach Jenkins from Cedarville University and Dr. Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College.

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