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June 17, 2020

The 6 Needs of Every Child with the Olricks | The International Religious Freedom annual report | Nigeria genocide

How does your child grow – not only physically, but to maturity in terms of their Christian identity and ability to navigate the complexities of the world? How do we know we’re not messing up our kids? Carmen talks with Jeffrey and Amy Olrich about connecting with our kids and then walking a sustainable path of connection with them throughout life. And what are the 6 Needs, you ask?

  1. Delight: I see you
  2. Support: How can I help?
  3. Boundaries: How far is too far?
  4. Protection: You are safe
  5. Comfort: I see you suffering
  6. Equipping: Where to from here?

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In the second half, Carmen talks with Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News about the 2019 annual report to Congress on International Religious Freedom. They focus on challenges in Nigeria as well as stories from the Korean peninsula.


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