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January 27, 2020

The Art of Friendship with Kim Wier | Brexit, the Middle East Peace Plan, Myanmar and Coronavirus with David Aikman

Do you know the art of friendship? Author Kim Wier joins Carmen to discuss just that! Wier shares the greater purpose of friendship and how we can create and foster friendships that matter. Carmen asks about the role of trust and the difference between being friendly and befriending.

Then Carmen discusses several hot spots around the globe with David Aikman. Starting with Britain’s Brexit deadline of January 31 – and the issuance of a 50 pence coin inscribed with words that sound a whole lot like Thomas Jefferson. They talk about the Trump administration’s forthcoming Middle East plan as well as the United Nations court ruling against Myanmar for the treatment of the Rohingya people. Carmen also asks Aikman to comment on the latest viral threat: the coronavirus which originated in the Wuhan city of China, quickly spreading with cases around the world.


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