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August 6, 2019

The demons of our days | Do you have any real Christian friends? Are you one?

So much evil and seemingly so few resources in terms of how to respond. Journalists and politicians struggle on air without access to the necessarily moral language and categories in a secular age. And then we hear the Mayor of El Paso, in answer to journalist’s question about whether or not the city is following the handbook in response to the mass shooting at a Walmart, “I only know of one handbook for dealing with evil and that’s the Bible.” Hard stop.  We should hear that truth and we should let it sink in and we should amplify it. Evil is real. Demons are real. There are spiritual forces at work. Carmen looks at Matthew 8:28-31 to equip listeners for this essential conversation of this day.

Tommy Binion joins Carmen to discuss China’s currency manipulation and suspension of Ag imports as well as the economy, jobs and immigration. Then the show turns to the topic of friendship – specifically Christian friendship. Professor Bryan Baise from Boyce College previews the course he’s teaching – with is best friend – this fall and why Christian students, from Christian homes, raised in Christian churches still need a course on Christian friendship. Why? Because the classical definition – and therefore experience – of friendship has been perverted and needs to be restored. Bryan Baise tells us how.



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