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August 26, 2020

The formative power of story and Sean Connery at 90 | Daniel Bennett on RNC day 2 | Headlines from Mali, Belarus and Beirut

Somebody at dinner last night noted that Sean Connery turned 90. That led to a conversation about favorite Connery roles (Carmen’s offerings: The Hunt for Red October or opposite Harrison Ford in the Raider’s of the Lost Ark series) but for most, the answer was something from the James Bond franchise.  There was Connery’s portrayal of .007 in everything from Dr. No, Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Diamonds are Forever, You Only Live Twice, to Never Say Never Again.  The Bond series, and Connery as James Bond, formed a generation. Stories have a formative power and the characters in those stories provide the forms of the character of a people.  James Bond bedded more than 55 women. What impact did that have on the value of marriage and the sanctity of sex for young adults in America watching from the early 1960’s? James Bond drank (martinis, shaken, not stirred), he smoked, he gambled and he had a license to kill. He became the prototypical spy and people love(d) him.  Boys wanted to be Bond and girls wanted to be with him. That’s the formative power of story and the shaping power of a character’s character – even if he’s fictional.  What story forms your character? For the Christian the answer is Christ.

Carmen’s conversations in this episode are with Daniel Bennett, with a review of night two of the RNC and highlights from Bennett’s Uneasy Citizenship blog. Then Carmen talks with Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News about what’s happening with Christians on the ground in a number of hotspots, including Mali, Belarus and Beirut.

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