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December 5, 2019

The Holidays as an opening for conversation with Muslims | Daniel Strange on Plugged In and using tech as a tool for apologetics

How might your holiday happenings – which have become routine – be a bridge to a person of the Muslim faith? Have you thought about how you might your holidays rhythms to open bridges of conversation with your Muslim neighbors? They are curious. They are spiritually interested. They are neighbor. Carmen talks with Dr. Cynthia, host of about practical ways to share the faith of Christ with Muslims.

Daniel Strange helps students connect the culture to Christ every day. His book, Plugged In, teaches us how to use technology as a tool and not become its slave. He contends that is it possible to watch TV, go to the movies, read novels and play video games in a way that actually fuels our faith rather than wither it. He makes the case that we are consumers and creators of culture who bear responsibility to show and tell others the big story behind every other story being told.

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