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September 23, 2020

The State of Theology in America | Mission Network News

Jesus asked his disciples, who do people say that I am?
Who do you say that I am?
Peter answers: You are the Christ, the son of the living God. 

Jesus affirms the accuracy of Peter’s confession – he also says the only way Peter came to know that saving truth is by God’s revelation. 

People have many responses to Jesus and many responses to the Bible. But what the world says about Jesus or the truth of God’s Word only matters if God is real, we’re all sinners and the wages of sin are death. It only matters if Jesus was who the Bible says he was, did what the Bible says he did, and is that his righteousness can in fact be imputed to human beings – including you and me. 

Theology matters because if Jesus is right and there’s only one way to the Father and it is through him then we cannot just believe anything under the sun about him or the Bible or heaven or hell. 

Every 2 years Ligonier surveys the State of Theology in America. The President of Ligonier Bible College, Stephen Nichols, joined Carmen to discuss the 2020 findings and the trends we’re seeing over time.  Then, Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News offers updates on the plight of refugees in Greece after the fire in the Moria camp, another swarm of locusts in Kenya, the need to replace bibles in churches flooded in China and a read-a-thon to support kids in India. 

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