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September 18, 2019

They, redefined | Presbyterian seminary pray to plants and church welcomes pagan idol | Sibling Saviors

Merriam-Webster dictionary has added a non-binary definition of ‘they’. According to the updated definition, ‘they’ can now mean a single individual which is precisely contrary to the first meaning of the word: multiple persons. Carmen points out that they no longer means what it has always meant. Part of her conversation in the bottom half of this hour with Peter Kapsner returns to the topic in response to a BBC video instructing school children there are now more than 100 different genders. This clear departure from the male/female complimentarian design of God revealed in Genesis 1 and 2 and confirmed throughout the scriptures, is simply the latest evidence of the Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland” reality where words no longer mean what they’ve always meant and communication becomes impossible. Welcome to Babel.

Carmen continues her conversation with Bill English about the leadership lessons we learn from David and the 50 Shades of Truth series with Peter Kapsner.  Some of the stories they discuss:

New York Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) hosts pagan deity

Union Theological Seminary (PCUSA) prays to plants in Chapel

A new conversation at the intersection of organ transplantation, CRISPR technology and IVF: Savior Siblings.


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