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August 26, 2020

Time to rename your team, town or park? | Transcendentally good business | The Plight of the Uyghurs

What’s the power of a name? Read Exodus 3 to lay a foundation for this conversation. Then consider the power of the name of Jesus. And then consider all the people in the Bible whose names are changed.  When, by whom and for whom were you named? Do you have a namesake? Have you ever changed your name? Why, or why not?  Do you go by the name you were given at Baptism? Why or why not? Peter and Saul are fully grown men when Jesus gives them each a different name. Why did he do that? What’s the power of a name? 

Carmen offers all this foundational fodder for a conversation about several headline news stories about the changing of a name. First is the change of the name of the ski resort whose name makes offensive reference to Native American women, then the football team in the nation’s capital which is now simply called the Washington Football team until they settle on a new name, and the debate in Cleveland over the name of their major league baseball team.  It leads us to a consideration of how the name of something affects us – and others. Carmen invites us all to pause and consider the name of our town, our team, our mascot, our park, or our club. Who could be offended by that? Is that worthy of a consideration of a change of name?

Carmen has a conversation with Bill English about changes to the list of companies that make up the Dow Industrial Average and then they discuss what makes for a transcendentally good business – a business that’s not only profitable but good for community flourishing.

In the second half, Carmen welcomes Travis Wussow from the Washington office of the ERLC to discuss the plight of the Uyghur people.


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