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June 18, 2019

Timothy King’s Addiction Nation | 41 Deposits with Stephen Graves

“Opioids claim the lives of 115 people per day.” That was true when the book, Addiction Nation, by Timothy King went to print. But in the intervening weeks, that number has risen to 130. So, Tim now says, “Opioids claim the lives of 130 people per day. One of them could have been me.” Carmen and Tim have a candid conversation about his story – and the addiction story we’re all living, whether we admit it or not. Addiction Nation addresses the epidemic of opioids through a number of related angles: the injustice of the war on drugs, the crisis of meaning in our culture, institutional greed, technology and the pervasiveness of addiction in our society today. This is an uplifting, informative, redemptive conversation about a reality no one seems willing to face.




Steve Graves then shares his book, 41 Deposits: Crucial Conversations for Fathers & Sons. For more you can check out what he’s writing at

At the end of the interview Carmen mentions a similar book for dads with daughters. It’s called The Donut Date and you find her conversation with father and author, Chap Bettis, here.







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