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October 17, 2019

Trump’s 1000th day | Lebron James is not The King | John Inazu on the inflection point of Religious Liberty and LGBTQ advocates

What do the chroniclers of history record? Think for a minute about what we know about the kings and the kingdoms, the nations and leaders, the wars and purveyors of peace across the eons. We know what the chroniclers recorded. And we imagine because we live in an age where everything we say and do is being uploaded into a selfie saturated cloud that all that – every moment of it – will be remembered. But that’s simply not true. That is not what’s going to happen. It will all be forgotten. In fact, less of it will be remembered because of the shear volume of it. The people of the future simply will not possess the capacity to watch nor read nor care about all our bloviations. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s the truth. So, on the 100th day of the Trump Presidency let us be judicious about what we imagine will be significant enough to be remembered for by the time this is posted on the web, most of it will be yesterday’s news – crushed beneath a new avalanche of hysterical headlines. (Carmen’s commentary on feeling a bit exhausted by it all.)

Two rich conversations in this half hour:

First, Ben Johnson from Acton on human dignity and the entire LaBron James/China/Hong Kong freedom issue. The word of the day in this segment is ineradicable.

Then Carmen talks with John Inazu about Beto O’Rouke’s pluralism failure during the CNN Equality Hall – and his subsequent attempts to make it better have only made it worse.


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