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June 21, 2019

Up and Adam hour | Watch what you watch | Taylor Swift | Supreme Court rulings

The Up and Adam hour with Adam Holz from Plugged In and Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College.

Carmen shares a personal encounter with a mom on an airplane who is allowing her child to consume media inappropriate for her age. Adam and Carmen discuss what we watch as adults and how what we watch affects what our kids oversee, overhear and consume second hand, like smoke. Adam gives a thumbs up to Toy Story 4 and then the discussion turns to Taylor Swift.

Adam Carrington returns to help us understand some of the eight Supreme Court opinions issued this week and anticipate the 16 more we expect by month’s end. Today, Adam and Carmen discuss:

  • the Gamble case
  • the Sweet Cakes case
  • the Bladensburg Cross case and
  • the Gundy case.

Adam will return early next week to discuss cases related the U.S. Census and a proposed citizenship question as well as the Justice’s ruling on Congressional gerrymandering.

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