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January 3, 2020

USCIRF reauthorized | Congressional Amicae to SCOTUS re: Roe v Wade | Theological Triage and Weekend Worldview reader

Carmen talks with Matthew T. Hawkins about the re-authorization of federal funding for USCIRF: the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom – and why it matters. Then they talk about the competing legal brief filed by hundreds of members of Congress seeking to influence the U.S. Supreme Court in cases related to the preservation or reconsideration of the landmark Roe v. Wade and Casey decisions creating and upholding the right to an abortion in America.

Carmen talks with Dan  DeWitt from Cedarville University about how evangelical Christians can keep the main thing the main thing and not become distracted by secondary and tertiary issues. Using the language of theological triage, Carmen and Dan discuss varying ways of seeing the core or essential (non negotiable) issues of faith and then those issues which might be considered non essential or even preferential.  Dan also gives us preview of his weekend worldview reader.



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