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September 16, 2019

UT anti-bullying t-shirt | 2246 babies | Saudi oil | Around the world with David Aikman

Last week a Florida 4th grader was bullied after wearing his homemade UT fan shirt to school. The Volunteers saw the Facebook post and responded by sending the young fan plenty of logo-ed UT attire.  They also offered him a the future hope of attending UT. But then on Saturday it was obvious they had taken the extra step into anti-bullying: doing something proactive that reveals the bully and restores dignity to the victim. How, you ask? Every member of the UT marching band on Saturday was wearing what has become the official UT t-shirt.

Nick Pitts joins Carmen to discuss a range of headlines:

  • the fetal remains of 2246 aborted babies have been found by the family of a recently deceased doctor in Indiana. While many questions remain unanswered, the opportunity to intervene in the life a woman considering abortion is today. Do-it-yourself chemical abortions and those performed in secret and off site increase not only the risk to the mother but limit her exposure to those who want to help.

Carmen talks with both Nick Pitts and David Aikman about developments in Saudi Arabia and its neighbor, Iran.  David and Carmen also discuss the legislative election taking place in Israel September 17 and the death of the favorite son of Osama bin Laden.




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