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September 17, 2019

Vaping | Journalism vs opinion writing | Duke’s exclusion of Young Life from campus

Carmen talks with Dr. David Stevens from the Christian Medical and Dental Association about the vaping crisis in America. They also discuss Dr. Stevens’ book, Jesus M.D. – a doctor examine the Great Physician.

Carmen offers commentary on two headlines news stories:

  1. The NYTimes article about the release of a book by two of its own reports resulting in the need to publish both a correction in the paper and review procedures related to the use of Twitter.  Carmen hones in on a quote from the NYTimes opinion editor that, “opinion produces powerful journalism.”
  2. Duke University’s unanimous student government action to deny student group status to Young Life. Carmen shares some about her own personal history with Young Life and the ongoing efforts to compel Christians to conform to a cultural sexual ethic which is contrary to the Bible.


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