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August 21, 2019

Vow making and breaking | The Global Fight against AIDS with Mark Lagon

As Christians, if we’re as good as our word and our Word is Jesus then we ought to be people who can be trusted – no matter what. What’s the impact on a relationship when a Christian makes and then breaks a promise or a vow or violates a contract? That’s the leadership lesson we delve into this week in our ongoing conversation with Bill English about the life of David.

Then Amb. (ret.) Mark Lagon returns to help us better understand what’s working in The Global Fight against AIDS.  What are the tools we now possess to prevent, treat and destigmatize HIV/AIDS globally? How can more of those tools be deployed in placed where HIV/AIDS continues to threaten human flourishing and what are come of the complicating/contributing factors to its persistence in those places? And, what can we do today – from right where we are – to help?




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