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November 13, 2019

Waffle House | Friends app | Is the U.S. government really going to compel doctors to violate their conscience?

It’s Wednesday – so Carmen offered up a story from a Waffle House in Alabama. Only one employee was there for the overnight shift. 30 hungry patrons and one guy to take orders, make the food, refill drinks, process payments, bus tables, wash dishes – for everyone. Not possible, right? Right, unless someone gets up from the table, puts on an apron and pitches in to serve. That’s exactly what happened! Patrons bused tables, washed dishes and delivered food to tables. One guy got up and inspired others! Be that guy!  Want to know where that spirit comes from? Read John 13. 

Carmen talks in this episode with Peter Kapsner and Hunter Baker about everything from dogs to finding friends via and app to dopamine fasting and rulings in U.S. courts related to the freedom of medical professionals to do their jobs according to their conscience.


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