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March 25, 2020

What are you full of? | Accountability while working at home | Don Everts on The Spiritually Vibrant Home

Carmen shared a homeschooling experience from yesterday when she discovered that suffixes have LOTS of rules. She read “RULE: 1 – When a word ends with a consonant and the suffix begins with a consonant, just add the suffix with no spelling changes.” She offered the examples in the lesson, “entertainment = entertain + ment, advertisement = advertise + ment, and regretful = regret + ful.” After reading the rest of the rules (there are 7) she asked if her stepson had any questions. His question was about rule #1. Which surprised Carmen since that’s the most simple rule of them all. 

Carmen, “what’s confusing about rule #1.”

Matthew, “Why isn’t the suffix that means full of actually full? Why does it only have one l? Shouldn’t it be full if it means full?”

That got Carmen thinking…what are we full of?  Are we really full of the Holy Spirit? Is that what comes out when we get squeezed by life’s challenges?
Jesus came full of grace of truth. So am I full of grace and full of truth? Am I  Grace full? and Truth full?

Everyone is full of something. What are you full of? 

Carmen then talks with Bill English about the proposed government stimulus package, how to remain accountable for work when working from home and what to do if you get laid off. They also talk about the opportunities people might discover if they consider what they really want to do next instead of just taking a job.

In the second half, Carmen talks with author Don Everts about his new Barna research based book, The Spiritually Vibrant household. In addition to their conversation, you’ll want to check out the resources here.



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