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December 16, 2019

What does it look like to be genuinely made new in Christ? | How the Armenian Genocide Bill may affect the future of NATO

Today we put the social back into social media. Thomas Russo, Jr. is a city manager in New Jersey. He connected with Carmen on LinkedIn and that led to an exchange of books which resulted in today’s conversation on air. Thomas Russo was living the life – the life the world tells us to crave. But it was a life that he knew was inauthentic and empty. So, in 2015, he made a choice and he is a new man. His testimony is unique but his experience of transformation is available to anyone and everyone who wants to be rid of fear, anxiety, despair and regret – and really live.

Then Carmen has her weekly conversation with Dr. David Aikman about headlines around the world. They talk about the UK election and prospects for Brexit then pivot to the China trade deal and finally discuss the Senate’s passage of the Armenian Genocide Bill.









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