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August 19, 2019

What Portland teaches us about Concept Creep | Spam | China counting Christians and protesters in Hong Kong

Nick Pitts brings the Christian worldview to bear on the headlines including this morning’s revelation that had it not been for people alerting law enforcement to the mass shooting plans of three young white men in Connecticut, Ohio and Florida, there may have been far worse headlines than those in El Paso and Dayton – as horrific as those are. Carmen and Nick discuss how Christians can intervene with a generation of men without chests (C.S. Lewis reference) who are seeking to fulfill their need for identity, belonging and purpose in all the wrong ways.

They also talk Antifa and Portland as well as why in the world anyone thinks we need Pumpkin Spice SPAM.

Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News talks about the challenges ministries are facing in Hong Kong in the 11th week of pro-democracy protests and China’s use of surveillance and AI to identify protesters as well as Christians on the mainland.

They also discuss the horrific reality of child cybersex trafficking in Philippines. Ministries like Compassion, IJM and World Vision are working together to combat this most insidious evil.




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