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November 23, 2020

When the Holidays and Covid Collide

American Grief

The headline read, “We’re all grieving” and went on to make observations about the varieties of loss we’ve all experienced in 2020.

The media is abuzz with the COVID death count: 250,000 Americans and rising. 

But nearly 3 million Americans have died this year. That’s a lot of families and friends grieving. And the grief doesn’t end with physical death. There is grief related to losses of other kinds.

The 2020 seniors from high school and college and their families and people who worked years to compete in The Olympics or other competitive events.

There is grief for those who cannot visit and console family members who are in assisted care facilities and there is grief that we can’t extend the kind of welcome to new neighbors or new church members or new colleagues the way would like. People are not getting folded into community and new moms are not being supported and families are suffering in isolation and grief is mounting. 

We talked with Joshua Straub on Friday and he shared that his wife, Christi, is keeping a grief journal just to get it all out on paper as her way of coping.

How are you coping with your grief? Please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s Guests

Dr. Linda Mintle – Dr. Linda Mintle Show

Linda, author of, “Breaking Free from Stress: How to Find Peace When Life’s Pressures Overwhelm You,” talks with us about emotional health during this Covd-19 holiday season. She discounts the bad rap that mindfulness gets by arguing against Buddhist-based mindfulness, and for filling our minds with the mind of Christ.

To connect with Dr. Mintle in other ways, check out here website at:

David Aikman – Editor, Godspeed Magazine

You guessed it! It’s Monday and that means David is back with us to discuss the headlines of the day from around the world. We cover everything from Covid-19 in Europe to Belarusian election protests, Ethiopia and more.

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