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March 23, 2020

Where in the Word? John | Ask the Pastor w Jason Meyer | America, economy, politics and Coronavirus w Adam Carrington

Carmen leads off with an invitation to join her in a journey through the Gospel of John through Easter.
Here’s day 1 (which is also Lent day 23)…

Pastor Jason Meyer joins Carmen to discuss a number of questions Christians are asking – and being expected to answer – in the context of a world turned inside out by the coronavirus.  Jason offers sage counsel from God’s Word as well as encouragement for each of us to turn to passages like Colossians, Romans 8, I Peter 5 and the Psalms of Lament which remind us of the reasonable grief we experience in times of loss. He reminds us that a third of the Psalms are lament. 

(For more on Lament, listen to Carmen’s conversation with pastor Mark Vroegop about his book, Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy)

In the second half, Carmen talks with Hillsdale professor Adam Carrington about questions surrounding the sale of stock by members of Congress and their aides after they were privy to briefings on the coronavirus before the rest of us were made aware. They also discuss current prospects for Democrats and Republicans on the Hill reaching a deal on relief to Americans suffering by no fault of their own. And then, Carmen and Adam tackle the topic of the limits of the state’s Constitutional authority to limit liberty even in times of national crisis.


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