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August 3, 2020

Who are your 5? or 11? or 12? | Cultivating Peace in Anxious times | Global headlines

Carmen shared from a Relevant Mag article asking us to each consider the five types of friends everyone should have right now

The article contends we all need:

  1. someone who is older and wiser (Moses to your Joshua; Paul to your Timothy)
  2. someone who is younger (your Joshua and your Caleb and your Timothy)
  3. someone who has a different home culture than you (not your neighborhood, social location, but a brother)
  4. someone who holds a different worldview (this is the missionary mindset)
  5. someone just next door (literal neighbor)

Carmen shared it reminded her of one of her all time favorite books by Leonard Sweet: The 11 Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Live Without. Those 11 include:

  1. Nathan (Editor)
  2. Jonathan (True Friend)
  3. Jethro (Butt-Kicker)
  4. Timothy (Heir)
  5. Barnabus (Encourager)
  6. Peter/Paul (Yoda)
  7. Deborah (Back-Coverer)
  8. Zaccheus (Reject)
  9. Rhoda (“Little One”)
  10. VIPS (Rich and Poor, Lydia and Lazarus)
  11. Jerusalem (Place)

Who are your 11?

And then one more question: do you have the first relationship – the primary one – the foundational one? Leonard Sweet calls him “the Invisible 12th”, the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. That is the ONE indispensable relationship we all need, now and at all times.

Carmen talks in this episode with Dr. Linda Mintle about cultivating peace in anxious times. Then, David Aikman, talks with Carmen across a range of headlines from President Trump’s plan to draw down U.S. troops in Germany to coronavirus surge around the world to the postponed elections in Hong Kong and tragic news of Christian persecution in Nigeria.

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