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October 21, 2019

Who do you think you are | Unethical bio ethics | The big and small c constitution with Adam Carrington

Who do you think you are? – Carmen’s opening commentary

Then she talks with Brandon Showalter from the Christian Post about

  1. the deceptive practice of how advances in medical technology and therapies intentionally ignores the human costs,
  2. the warnings of a feminist activist who says there are efforts to push the normalization of youth sex work, and
  3. A landmark decision by a federal judge in Florida overturning Tampa’s ban on counseling minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

Hillsdale professor Adam Carrington returns. As fewer and fewer American adults identify as expressly Christian (according to new Pew research), Carmen asks Dr. Carrington to reflect on the political implications. He talks about dependence of the Big C Constitution on the small c constitution of “we the people.” They also discuss the oral arguments in a set of cases pending before the Supreme Court related to the meaning of the word sex and whether or not the Civil Rights of 1964 covers sexual orientation and gender identity protections, expressly in the workplace.


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