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January 2, 2020

Why we do what we do | Anno Domini 2020 | Family business | If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry

It’s 2020, the year of the Lord. How do we live it as such?

Carmen talks with Bill English about the business of family business and the decision of whether or not to marry into one.

Carmen then welcomes Rylan and Gwen Volelzang, co-authors of If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry. The book and the website are a gift to those who have long desired to know what’s happening in the head and heart of an autistic child. Ryan’s special-abilities are autism and Tourette’s, but neither define him. In their conversation with Carmen Rylan and Gwen share about their life, their book project and the future filled with hope into which we are all invited. Check out for more.


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