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May 21, 2020

Word of the day: Phygital | The Sacraments and social distancing | Teaching children good theology through reading

Carmen leads off with a word of the day: phygital.

The word of the day: phygital – think physical and digital – and now think about how that applies to how we’re going to do things going forward. 

The word phygital has emerged out of the real interplay and even integration between physical and digital experiences. And yes, there are ethical discussions to have here about the importance of both the body, in person relationships, the incarnation and the body of the Christ – but for the moment, consider that schools, businesses and yes, churches, must consider how COVID19 has changed things going forward. We’re not going back so how do we go forward and what does that mean for the church? 

Apply that for a moment to the church. What we have from Jesus is a calling, a commission, a Spirit, a community, a fellowship, a mission – and all the gifts necessary to accomplish that which He commands us to do in His name. There was a time when that did NOT include brick and mortar churches. There was a time when that did not include a Bible in every hand nor a hymnal in every pew. There was a time when that mission was carried out differently than the way to which we experienced it in 20th century America. 

Here are three considerations to think about today on this topic: 

  1. Are all those people who have been tuning in to worship with you from home getting a virtual first-time visitor packet via email and a call from the team that regularly reaches out to those who have – in the past – visited your church for the first time? If not, why not? 
  2. EdNavigator launched CampKinda this week and it’s 100% free. They’re supplying 3-4 hours of content every day this summer to kids who will engage material online, then go off-line to do things and then re-engage with others online to share. How are you planning to do VBS this summer and how many more kids might you reached than you’ve ever reached before if you thought phygitally about it? 
  3. Sacraments. There are some things we can only do if and when we’re physically together, right?

The question about the sacraments is the topic of conversation between Carmen and Peter Kapsner. 

Then in the second half, Carmen talks with Good Book Company editor and author, Carl Laferton about teaching good books to teach good theology to children and his book, The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross.


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