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December 3, 2019

World AIDS day because we’re not done yet | Chris Wright with Rejoice! Advent in All the Scriptures

Sunday was World AIDS day and while significant progress has been made, we’re not done yet in the Global Fight to end the epidemic. Ambassador Mark Lagon is back to talk about the estimated 38 million people living with HIV around the world and the gap between that number and the 24.5 million who have access to treatment.  Between the United States effort in sub Saharan Africa through PEFPAR (started under President Bush and continued today) and the collaborative efforts of the Global Fight drawing other nations, corporate partners and private citizens into the fight, the end of HIV/AIDS is possible.

In the second half hour Carmen talks with Christopher Wright from the Langham Parternship about his new book, Rejoice! Advent in All the Scriptures. If you’re a John Stott fan or you’re looking to be encouraged by the whole Word of God, this will surprise and delight!





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