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February 5, 2020

Yuval Levin on A Time to Build | Economic populism, nationalism and social conservatism in the President’s State of the Union address

Yuval Levin from the American Enterprise Institute joins Carmen for a conversation about his new book, “A Time to Build: from family and community to Congress and the campus, how recommitting to our institutions can revive the American dream.” Carmen and Yuval discuss the formative power of institutions – and their reduction to performative stages for narcissism. Yuval challenges listeners to ask one essential question: “Given my role here, how shall I behave?” They discuss the worldview issues at stake and the reality that the fallen need to be formed for freedom in the context of healthy, revived marriages, families, schools, civic organizations, etc.


Then Carmen talks with Hunter Baker from Union University about President Trump’s State of the Union address. Baker points out themes of right wing economic populism, nationalism, and an active vigorous government including agenda of social conservatism with religious appeal. Among other powerful promises, the President committed to end late-term abortion, strengthen religious liberty protections, reduce health care costs and expand access to private schools. He also utilized the State of the Union to celebrate and honor the family of ISIS slain missionary, Kayla Mueller, Rush Limbaugh, and 100 year Tuskegee airman, Charles McGee – among a long list of guests, each with a significant story.


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